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Introductory Offer: Selling Fee: 1.65% + GST
Michael Dabson - 15 years real estate experience in Cooranbong/Morisset

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Attractive Auction Package

An attractive auction offer is available through Cooranbong Real

It is common for a selling fee in this area of 3% +GST, to be charged by agents.

If you are selling with Cooranbong Real at 1/65% +GST, this can leave a effective saving and difference of 1.35% (+GST).

This significant saving can in effect cover the costs of an auction, so that if a vendor wishes oto auction through Cooranbong Real it may cost no more than selling by private treaty through another agent.

When selling a property by auction, the vendor pays the costs of the auction.

If you choose to auction your property through Cooranbong Real you would still need to pay the costs of the auction advertising program. But the attractive aspect if auctioning through Cooranbong Real is that the1.35% in savings in the agent's selling fee may well fully cover the cost of an auction.

This attractive possibility only comes into effect, if YOU desire, and choose to sell your property by auction. There is no pressure from this agent for you to sell your property by auction. The benefits of auction can be explained.

An auction program is only desirable for certain properties under certain circumstances. 

Attractive Auction Package - details

Auction through Cooranbong Real

Total cost
1.65% (+GST) agent's fee,  - plus auction costs. (may equal the saved 1.35%)

Auction with Agent X

Total Cost:
Possibly 3% (+GST) agent's fee - then above this, is the auction costs - $X,000