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Michael Dabson - 15 years real estate experience in Cooranbong/Morisset

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Company Profile

Cooranbong Real is owned and operated by Michael Dabson from a home office. Michael has 15 years real estate experience of selling properties in Cooranbong and Morisset and surrounding areas, including extensive experience in selling rural properties.

Cooranbong Real is now able to offer significantly reduced selling fees because of the advent of the Internet, and how this is changing marketing in every area of selling goods and services: buying a used car, electronics, music, books, and almost everything we purchase.  This change also applies to the way people now look for a property to purchase. People now look for properties on the internet, not primarily by visiting agent's shop front windows. 

Thus Michael can effectively run Cooranbong Real from a home office, and this saves the vendor unnecessary costs.

Recently when speaking to a prominent local agent outside his office, whom I have known for over twenty years he pointed to his office window display and said to me: no one now looks much at our windows anymore, everyone looks on the internet."

People can look at fifty properties at home in the evening after work for an hour for properties within their price range, and then phone the agent to make an appointment to come and see the properties they would like to see. They no longer physically move from one real estate office to another looking in real estate windows to find the properties that might interest them. Virtually everyone looks on the internet, and this is dramatically changing the way real estate is done.

Properties for sale (and for rent) are now all on the internet for people to view in the comfort of their own homes. Every agent with an office window fully relies on the internet for the bulk of their enquires. Buyers can visit ten agent's windows on the internet in one hour at home, and they do.

Cooranbong Real's web provider supports over 200 successful real estate agencies along the coast of NSW, who operate their business from home-based sites, and the number continues to grow. The face of real estate marketing is changing markedly.

Because of these changes Cooranbong Real is now able to offer a selling fee, of 1.65% plus GST. This reduced selling fee, is possible because the cost and expense associated with having an office with a shop-front window, with office rent, and extra office staff etc., are all avoided. You, the vendor is the one who benefits from these changes.

Cooranbong Real is using "the shop window" of the internet, but is still giving all the regular and normal real estate agent's services in the selling of your property:

1)  Market appraisal of your property.
2)  The listing of your property.
3)  Marketing and advertising of your property: - the agent's sign along with multiple websites on the internet: - including and This advertising is provided at no cost to you the vendor.
4) The agent screens all prospective purchasers regarding their situation for purchasing a property. - do they have to sell before they buy etc.,
5) Appointment(s) are made for inspections of your property.
6) Inspections are conducted by the agent in person with all prospective purchasers.
7) The agent highlights the best features of your property.
8) The agent negotiates with the prospective purchasers.

All these normal services are done in order to bring about a successful sale of your property.

As mentioned above, your property will be marketed on three websites:,, and:

You have all the normal helpful services of a real estate agent, in apprasing, listing, marketing and selling your property, but at a much-reduced cost.

The marketing fee of 1.65% plus GST is a special introductory offer, available until 30th June 2017.

Michael Dabson is a fully licensed and qualified real estate agent, with many years of experience in this area, and of running his own real estate offices. He is very interested in assisting you with selling your property.

Phone Michael on: 0416 806 808 - Sunday to Friday.